"Show of the year" - YAM Award 2017
La balle Rouge
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La Balle Rouge Show


3 musical forms



Fred Ferrand alone on stage projects us into his musical thoughts.


Cello & Bandoneon

As in a tango, the musical confrontation between Marie-Ange Wachter and Jacques Trupin awakens passion, life…


String Quartet & Bandoneon

Jacques Trupin as a soloist, we hear the partition of the emotions of the child, framed by the strings that carry us away.

Pics of the show


Event of the Balle Rouge Show

  • YAM Awards 2017

    "Show of the year" & "Best Small Ensemble"

    The YAMawards have selected La Balle Rouge as one of sixty international music productions in 20 different countries.
    « The evenings most emotional moment came when Jessie Westenholz, JM International's President announced the Production of the Year. This prize is a special recognition for music production for young audiences. La Balle Rouge won the title and stole the show with two awards : Best production of the year "and" best small ensemble ".

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  • Marked for Musik


    La Balle Rouge participates in Marked for musik is in Larvik in Norway from 24 to 26 Oct ! MFM web site

  • Take part
    in our

    JM France selection


    A national tour is organized for the selection of the show at the JMF. Some dates were organized outside the territory thanks to the JM Internatinnal.

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& technical rider

Solo - Accordion


Duo - Cello & Bandoneon


Quintet - String Quartet & Bandoneon



As an extension of the show

Learn how to manipulate a puppet object in relation to music, ie to develop the motor skills of the child in the service of musical listening.

atelier spectacle musical marionnette

atelier spectacle musical marionnette


Heating up

First, we will do a work with the class group to make each child available to listen to the session, we call this moment "warm up" with a small soundtrack, we will play 3 fundamental emotions: The sadness , joy, fear.


Learning through manipulative exercises to try to interpret the 3 emotions seen during the warm-up.

The presentation

After putting in place a theme, the children meet in the last part of the workshop to present their work to others.

Contact us

Cie Balle Rouge - 56 bis rue du Rempart 37000 Tours - France

Denis Garenaux +33(0)6 51 14 75 11